Whether you’re already a piano player for a music band or just starting to learn the instrument, practice is always the key.

Every great pianist out there didn’t become who they are without practicing and working hard to strive to become the best. This article will show the 8 best tips for people who want to practice the piano, so read on below! 

Tip 1: Set a Time to Practice The Piano Each Day

If you’re a busy person, at least 20 minutes a day is enough to practice the piano (but the more, the better). Practicing each day enhances and polishes your skills, so it is recommended.  If you don’t have a piano, you can check out this guide for more information to get started “Second Hand Piano Malaysia – Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Tip: In order to avoid feeling daunted, you may take small breaks in between.

Tip 2: Never Forget to Warm up Before You Start Practicing The Piano

It’s vital to warm up your hands before playing the piano since this can help avoid finger freezing. If your finger freezes, you will tend to hit the wrong keys, and we wouldn’t want that, would we? 

Warming up is even more critical to beginners since they are not used to the piano yet. Playing short songs is an excellent method to warm up. 

Tip 3: Don’t Over Work Yourself 

Unless you are a piano God, it is unlikely that you will fully master a song for the first time of playing it. Don’t be too hard on yourself! Instead of doing the entire piece, you can break it into smaller parts and practice them one by one.

All the great players still take their time in learning a new piece for them to perform and show better.

Tip 4: Practice The Piano Slowly

Learning piano is not a competition, and rushing through the song means more room for mistakes, and you possess the risk of learning those mistakes. Instead, play each key slowly but surely until you can master the proper fingering.

With a digital keyboard nowadays, you can amusingly record your practice tempo and play it back at a faster tempo to see how it’ll sound if you’ve mastered it.

Tip 5: The Piano Is Not Required to Practice

While this may seem really odd, you can actually practice and master fingering and keystrokes anywhere! Practicing your fingers without a piano can boost your muscle memory, making the actual playing of the piano much more manageable. 

Tip 6: Always Listen to The Song You’re Practicing 

Knowing the beat and rhythm of a song often helps your fingers move right along the keys. Install the song you’re trying to master into your phone, iPad, or computer and listen to it regularly.

Even when you’re far from the piano, you can play it while studying, reading, cleaning, or even cooking. In that way, the tune and the notes will surely stick to your mind.

Tip 7: Pick a Piano Piece That You Love

It may seem clear as day, but you’re most likely to master a piano song quickly when it’s your favorite. You’re going to perform that song over and over again, so it’s better to choose the one you’ll never get tired of. 


The practice may not make people a hundred percent perfect, but they make you better in all the ways possible. If you’re aspiring to be a piano player, then practicing the piano is ultimately essential for you, so make sure you keep these seven tips of wonder carved in your mind!

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