The Office of Future Plans is a punk rock music band that first started in 2009. The band’s vocalist and pianist is J. Robbins, who was also the former bassist of Government Issue and guitarist or frontman of Jawbox, Channels, and Burning Airlines. The band consists of other members, namely Gordon Withers, the guitarist or cellist, Brooks Harlan, and Darrek Zentek, the drummer formerly from the band Kerosene 454 and also a member of Channels. The group has released dozens of famous and successful songs such as The Loyal Opposition, Everybody Loves You When You’re Dead, You’re not alone, Your Several Selves, and many more.

office of Future Plans @ Ft Reno-8946

How To Did The Band Starts?

The Office of Future Plans has never been intended to even get any further than the tough drive of J.Robbins. 

The music started as bittersweet exercises, thought up in the musician’s spare moments, with no secret action plan other than to maintain his physical and mental health by always making his loved music after a whole life of playing and traveling the world. 

The band was aspired into playing together when The Bomb Chicago punk luminaries insisted Robbins to play an opening in their Baltimore show in the Fall of 2009. Gordon Withers, the cellist or guitarist (The Pauses, Bells, known to many people as “The Jawbox-on-cello-guy”), Brooks Harlan, the bassist and multi-instrumentalist (Avec), and Darren Zentek, the drummer ( Oswego, Kerosene 454) were all registered for what they thought was supposed to be a one-time, just-for-fun experience gig.

The band found out that playing together was pretty great. So they just decided to keep the flow going and kept writing, producing, and arranging at Robbins’ Baltimore recording office and studio. Slowly, they created songs that were soon known and loved by many. 

The Band's Achievement

Throughout the years, The Office of Future plans has released several songs and one album under the records of Discord Records, which has captured the hearts of a lot of people. They have sparked an interest in thousands of people who have a passion for pop-rock music. 

The Office of Future plans has performed many shows and dozens of events throughout the state. In the years of being active, they have also upheld tours, open mic events, and gigs that always seemed to get the crowd packing and wanting for more. 

You can also find the band’s songs and albums on various musical platforms such as Spotify, Google Play, and Apple Music, getting a popular stream and download of more than a thousand each year.